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Welcome to vom Wüstenjäger Deutsch Kurzhaars! 

We are proud to announce our breeding for the

Dam: Cora vom Wüstenjäger
Sire: Uranus "Uri" vom Kronsberg

Cora is extremely calm and focused with an excellent work ethic and easy to live with. She has an excellent and sure nose both in the field and on water. Her will to please her handler combined with her hunting ability is what makes her truly special.   
Uri is a solid male who is calm in the house yet an active and enthusiastic hunter in the field, forest, and water! 

Whelped 02/02/2020!

3 Females - 5 Males

2 Males Available

We would like to extend a special thank-you to Leon Mathews for creating this mount of our birds for us! 

  • Amber and Tiny with our friends Drahthaar hunting in SD!
    Lisa & Nancy after a good day's hunt!
  • Chaos vom Wustenjager
  • Amber taking in the scene after hunt!
  • South Dakota Hunt!
    Wayne, Lisa, Tom, Linda, and Nancy after a great day at Krull Lodge in SD! Thank you Keith & Linda for such a wonderful time!
  • Wayne & Crew
    Wayne & Crew
  • Hard fought for birds morning hunt!
    Hard worked for birds!
  • Amber and Tiny hunt
    Tom & Wayne at Krull Lodge!
  • Pups playing on the way home from SD hunt.
    Pups letting off a little steam on trip home!
  • Wayne and Tiny with birds!
    Tiny's first bird of the day...
  • Dogs on way home from hunt
    Load 'em up! Head 'em out!
Amber and Tiny with our friends Drahthaar hunting in SD!
Lisa & Nancy after a good day's hunt!
Deutsch Kurzhaar Verband - Registering Body of Deutsch Kurzhaars

Orie vom Riverwoods

Cora vom Wüstenjäger

Hunting 2016 Montana

Cora vom Wüstenjäger

Hunting in South Dakota fall 2013

A litter pups Arko, Amber, and Ashes

Mike & Arko; Lisa & Amber; Hank & Ashes
April 2010

Amber and Orie on point.

Amber & Orie

Orie vom Riverwoods and Amber vom Wustenjager down (half sisters)

Amber & Orie